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Circle 36 on the south side of Carrowmore has a nearly intact ring, but the dolmen has been removed.

Circle 36

No. 36. Situated in the field lying west of XLV (dolmen-circle). "This circle is nearly perfect. It now (1837) consists of forty-nine stones, some of which are thrown down and displaced. There were other circles in the vicinity which were also destroyed." - Petrie.

Circle 36. To the right is the possible cairn, Site 35. In the top left is the large quarry where several sites were said to have been destroyed.

"A few stones are still scattered about here and there." - Wood-Martin.

Circle 36 looking back to the centre of Carrowmore.

No. 36 (a). A few paces to the N.E. of 36 (dolmen-cairn (?) encircled). "Traces of a large cairn, unnoticed by Petrie. The tenant of the land states that when he was quarrying in it for stones he turned up a quantity of bones and charcoal. The central cist is probably yet perfect; if so, this monument might well repay exploration. Traces of a surrounding circle of stones can still be observed." - Wood Martin.

Circle 36 on the south side of Carrowmore has a perfect circle. Listoghil is on the horizon at the right.