Banner: sunset over Knocknarea.
The early Christian oratory at Gallarus
The early Christian oratory at Gallarus on the Dingle peninsula in County Kerry. This beautiful building, shaped like an upturned boat, is thought to date to about the eight century.

Ancient Sites & Astronomy

  1. Herigtage Tours Ireland - custom tours of the ancient and mythological sites around Wicklow, Tara and Loughcrew.
  2. Voices from the Dawn - lovely website by Harold Goldbaum, ancient sites, folklore and great VR panoramas.
  3. Ciaran McHugh's photography site - some beautiful images from around Sligo.
  4. Ancient Ireland website. Shadows and Stone - superb website with photos by Ken Williams.
  5. A great comprehensive collection of Irish Sheela-na-Gigs.
  6. - an extremely comprehensive collection of monuments.
  7. Celtic Trails and Spirit of Burren - tours of Ireland and Scotland with Jackie Queally.
  8. Irish Genius - An eclectic collection of pages by Anthony Weir. Some great old photos of sites, essays, and rock art. Anthony has an excellent CD ROM based on his out of print Field Guide to Irish Megaliths, which you can purchase through his site.
  9. Mythical Ireland - An Irish megalithic database by Anthony Murphy.
  10. & - comprehensive sites dedicated to the Boyne Valley monuments by Michael Fox .
  11. Geniet - Victor Reijs has done some pioneering work with a webcamera in Maeshowe Cairn, Orkney. CELT - texts database in UCC. A fantastic resource for anyone interested in ancient Irish culture. MASSIVE!
  12. Mid Atlantic Geometry - Sig Lonegren's Sacred Geometry and Dowsing pages, based in Glastonbury.
  13. Megalithic Mysteries - With Andy Burnham, a massive collection of megalithic sites and websites.
  14. Alaistar's Stone Circle Pages - With Alaistar Mc Ivor.
  15. Orkneyjar - The Heritage of Orkney by Sigurd Towrie.
  16. Graham Hancock - Writer, lecturer, author. Fingerprints of the Gods, Heaven's Mirror and a few other bestsellers.
  17. Initation - Some amazing information on pyramids and sacred geometry from Elisabeth Haich's seminal book.
  18. Archaeoastronomy - Scott Monaghan's pages on Ancient sites & Astronomy.
  19. The Stone Pages - Detailed pages about Ancient Sites all over Europe, based in Italy.
  • The Official Comhaltas Ceolteori Eireann website. Loads of great resources. Check out the video clips.
  • - Brilliant website for guitar students. Justin has video clips which make sense of loads of techniques and popular tunes. Respect!
  • The Sligo live website
  • Henrik Norbeck's Abc Tunes - hundreds of traditional Irish tunes - a great resource which I often use.
  • The Session website - ABCs, discussions, and recording index for listed tunes, mostly traditional Irish music. Site contains thousands of tunes in a searchable database.
  • All - A great site to look up any kind of music.
  • Kila - modern Irish music with lots of drumming.
  • Dervish - site of Dervish, Sligo's traditional music band.
  • The Nick Drake Homepage - Creator of some haunting and beautiful songs.
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - An Unofficial Website.
  • Turlough O'Carolan - everything you wanted to know.
  • Pink Floyd - never the same without Syd.

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  • The official website of the Urantia Foundation.
  • is a new directory site for websites with content related to New Age or Holistic subjects, Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and other Alternative subjects.
  • Sacred Connections, Scotland - Information on Scotland's hidden past, Celtic history, sacred mysteries, earth energies, new awareness (spiritual, health, economics) seminar/workshops, talks and guided tours to sacred sites.
  • Myth and Dedicated to linking "good" World Myth, Mystery & Ancient History websites.
  • Leafpile - Follow the travels of Kathleen and Henry on their journey around Europe.
  • One Spirit Project - a Body, Mind, and Spirit Directory.
  • Alf Erickson's Balloon Pages - A site which covers balloons, corkscrews and elephant sports.
  • Global Vision - An amazing site packed full of fascinating information.
  • The Glastonbury Website Huge resource of information and links about the Isle of Avalon.
    One of the few surviving monuments at Kilmonaster a destroyed collection of Carrowmore style dolmens and circles near lifford in County Donegal. The Beltany stone circle is a few kilometers to the north.