The two statues in the graveyard at Boa Island.

Queen Maeve's Cairn
The Glen

Boa Island, Co Fermanagh

Boa Island in Co Fermanagh has these two unusual monuments, possibly from the mysterious Iron Age, situated within a small graveyard. They are said to have been removed here from one of the nearby islands, and the smaller one in the foreground may be a sheela-na-gig. People leave offerings of coins on the ledge in front of it.

The larger figure is known as the Janus stone, as it has two faces: each side is engraved with a bearded figure. It has its arms crossed over its chest on both sides in an Egyptian pose, and looks as if it is speaking. I have a feeling that these two carvings may be representations of the Dagda and his brother Ogma, leading members of the Tuatha De Danann. At some stage, the statue was broken, and the carving is now set on a concrete stump. In recent years lower portions of the figures, which included very large hands, almost like wings, were discovered in the graveyard. The site is easy to find, being signposted from the road, and is only a short walk from the carpark. The setting of these monuments, overlooking Lough Erne, can be quite mystical in the damp foggy weather that rolls in off the lake.