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Leaving St Molaise's church in Cliffoney after mass in the 1920's.
Leaving St Molaise's church in Cliffoney after mass in the 1920's. The church was built in 1828 and paid for by Lord Palmerston.

Saint Molaise's church in Cliffoney

A short history of Cliffoney RC Church 1828
- by John Harrison.

Cliffoney Roman Catholic church was opened for worship in 1828, 185 years ago this year (written May 2013).

The land on which the church was built was gifted to the Parish of Ahamlish by Lord Palmerston, upon the passing of Catholic Emancipation, as prior to to that the Penal laws were in force throughout Ireland and Catholic mass was forbidden. Daniel O'Connell fought for this right.

Stained glass by Joshua Clarke, Cliffoney church 1909.
Stained glass by Joshua Clarke, 1909.

As you enter the church, attention is drawn to the large timber beams in the roof, which were brought into Sligo port on a sailing ship owned by Connor and Cullen sawmills, Sligo. The sawmill was based on the site presently occupied by the Bus Eireann garage in Sligo. The iron couplings holding the great beams together were made in McGarrigle's forge near Cliffoney church.

The Captain of the sailing ship was a Cliffoney native, Captain Conway, born in the house that the late Seamus Conway occupied in Edenrevagh; the farm is now owned by the Burns family.

The first parish priest to serve in Cliff