Saint Brigit's well at Cliffoney in County Sligo. This may have been an ancient church or hermitage, the well, one of five, is within a ruined ringfort. A cattle fair was held here 200 years ago The cross slab is an unusual engraving with a clockwise swastika in the top of the cross.

Cliffoney, County Sligo

Cliffoney is a small, ancient and extremely historic village in north Sligo, within the ancient kingdom of Carbury, close to the headland at Mullaghmore on the west and the fabulous Gleniff Horseshoe Valley to the east. The name Clia Fuinne means the Ford of the Wattles or Hurdles, from the ancient ford over the Cliffoney river at the north end of the village. This has always been a main routeway, along the coastal plain between Donegal and Sligo.

Location of megalithic in Cliffoney and surrounding area.

There are a number of megalithic mounments around the village in a line that closely follows the modern road. There are also a number of raths or ringforts in the same area, showing that this was an important crossing point in ancient times. St Brigit's well, in the top photo, was a popular site with passing pilgrims. The well is within a ploughed out ringfort, and was one of five wells within a small area.


The Cliffoney cross, rubbing by Wakeman, 1880.


A large platform ringfort at the top of Chapel Hill in Cliffoney on the road to Ballintrillick. The fort is about 30 meters in diameter and is close to the megalithic chamber at Cartonplank and two wells.