Banner: Knocknarea at Sunset.
The megalith at Creeveymore, Cliffoney village, Co Sligo. Photo from the Megalithic Survey of Sligo, around 1960.


Creeveymore is the first site listed in the Megalithic Survey of County Sligo. Nowadays the site is invisible under blackthorn bushes and briars. The megalith is probably the gallery of a court, but is pretty ruined. It is sited overlooking the Cliffoney river at what must have been the fording place on the ancient route from Sligo to Donegal, just at the north end of Cliffoney village. The monument is quite ruined, nine stones remaining of a gallery just over 8 meters long and 2 meters wide, oriented and opening to the northeast. The cairn is long gone for other building projects, and only a low mound of stone now surrounds the chamber.

The stones from the megalith were reused in early Christian times: there is a massive oval platform ringfort right beside the megalith. Several huge stones can be seen in the souterrain at the north end, and there is a stone rampart running around the top. There is a hut foundation, probably dating to the same period, close to the ringfort overlooking the river and ford.

More stones were taken in the 1820's to build Cliffoney bridge, only about 60 meters from the monument.

It is not far from here up the coast to the monuments at Wardhouse, Magheraboy and Finner.