The site of several destroyed sites, a large quarry between circles 27 and 32.

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Four circles, all destroyed by quarrying in this area. Some large stones, illustrated, may be from the monuments.

Site 28

No. 28. Situated twenty paces to the S.E. of 27 (dolmen-circle). "Of this circle there is only a vestige consisting of 3 stones with the supporting stones of the cromleac. The destruction of this circle has been recent" (i.e. in 1837) - Petrie.

"All traces of it are now gone." - Wood Martin.

Site 29

No. 29. Situated still more to the S., and E. of the road (dolmen-circle). "Of this circle, also, there is only a vestige, six large stones of it and of the cromleac only remaining, the rest having been recently blasted and removed. As usual, human bones were found within the tomb." - Petrie.

"Nothing now remains." - Wood Martin.

Site 30

No. 30. Situated to the E. of 29, and on E. side of the road (dolmen-circle). "This circle, with its fine cromleac, was destroyed within the last week (i.e. August, 1837) by Mr. Chambers of Cloon Hill." - Petrie.

"One large stone, standing solitary, like a sentinel, marks the site of this monument." - Wood Martin.

Site 31

No. 31. Situated on Leachtareal Hill, to the W. of the road, and S. of XL (dolmen-circle). "Of this circle and cromleac only a few stones remain. They were destroyed a few years ago by one of Mr. Walshe's tenants, who occupies the farm. It was of small diameter, but the stones were of great size. Human bones were found within the cromleac." - Petrie.

"Some of the boulders which composed this monument may be seen at a considerable height in the ditch of a garden-plot on the W. side of Leachtareal hill." - Wood-Martin.

Looking north to Circle 27.