Banner: Knocknarea at Sunset.
Researcher Martin Brennan at Carrowmore 51, Christmas 2009. The engraving is highlighted using photoshop.

Carrowmore - Dates

The oldest date recovered so far from Carrowmore, 5,400 B.C., is extremely early and most Irish archeologists have dismissed as being too old. The general opinion today, based on Burenhult's research, is that Carrowmore is an early site from around the time mesolithic hunter-gatherers were turning into neolithic farmers.

In 2002 an archaeology seminar called 'Stones and Bones' was held in Sligo in honour of Michael O'Kelly, the excavator of Newgrange. Göran Burenhult, who was invited to dig at Carrowmore by O'Kelly, hosted the seminar. The dates below are his latest published work on Carrowmore, and are somewhat re-calibrated from his contraversial early dates.

Swedish excavation at Carrowmore 27. This is a verticle photo of one of the three recesses of the chamber, the only cruciform chamber found at Carrowmore.

Dates for Carrowmore circles:

The unexcavated Circle 32 to the south of Carrowmore, with a fine view to Knocknarea.