Heapstown Cairn an unopened neolithic cairn by Lough Arrow in County Sligo is the fourth largest megalithic monument in Ireland.

A Game of Bones

As a consequence the Covid 19 pandemic, most Heritage Week events took place online during August 2020. With many sites and guides challenged to come up with new ways of presenting information.

Here at Carrowmore we made a set of short video clips explaining various aspects of the complex, in seven episodes.The series is titled A Game of Bones after episode six, which explains the Ancient DNA connections between various sites.

Episode 1: Wildlife at Carrowmore with guide Lynda.

Episode 2: Prehistoric Pandemics with guide Austin.

Episode 3: The Footprint Stone at Listoghil with guide Pádriag.

Episode 4: What did they eat in the neolithic, with guide Lynda.

Episode 5: The history of the cairn at Listoghil with guide Austin.

Episode 6: The web of connections through Ancient DNA at Listoghil with guide Pádriag.

Episode 7: Sidhe Beg and Sidhe Mor at Listoghil with guides Pádriag and Martin.

The Pipers on Bodmin Moor.
The Pipers, a pair of standing stones on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, are said to be a pair of pipers who were turned to stone for playing music during a hurling match on a Sunday.